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Our Green Pledge
Recycling bin (Copyright: iStockPhoto.com/Gaby Jalbert)

The BA recognises the importance of reducing its environmental footprint and will take steps to make its office and business both sustainable and ethical. In particular, the BA will:

  • Promote awareness amongst its staff and volunteers of the importance of sustainability issues and how we can make a difference both as an organisation and individually. This will include:

    i. Guidelines and recommendations for staff to be discussed with existing staff

    ii. Guidelines and recommendations for staff to be included in the staff induction pack for all newcomers

    iii. Monthly update to all staff and posted on website

  • Explore ways of off-setting the carbon footprint generated by the BA’s programmes in order to implement the most effective and appropriate method.
  • Use recycled paper for all of its stationery supply, including copy paper, letter-headed paper, envelopes and printed publications.
  • Ensure that all printers, lights and other electrical equipment are switched off every evening where practical.
  • Reduce office and personal waste, aiming to recycle as much as possible.
  • Provide an interest-free loan to staff wishing to purchase a bike for commuting to work.
  • Contribute to the public debate on climate change through all of its programmes over the next 3 years.

Find out about the BA's climate change-related activities during National Science Week here.