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Criteria for successful BA CREST projects
In assessing a Science project, ask the following questions about the student(s)’ work? 
  • Have they clearly defined what they wanted to find out?
  • Have they carried out some background research on the topic?
  • Have they formed a hypothesis/predicted what they’d expect to see?
  • Have they planned and carried out a suitable range of experiments?
  • Are they aware of reliability and accuracy of results, and have they thought about experimental error?
  • Have they recorded their results clearly and analysed them in the light of what they were trying to find out?
  • Have they suggested modifications to improve the experiment(s)?
  • Have they come to appropriate conclusions?
  • Do they have suggestions for ways to extend the project further?
  • Can they communicate their knowledge and enthusiasm?
Technology projects should similarly be assessed, by asking whether students have successfully: 
  • Described the need or problem they want to solve.
  • Written a clear design brief for what they intended to do.
  • Researched background information and produced an outline specification.
  • Generated and developed as many ideas as they can to solve the need or problem (minimum of two).
  • Evaluated their ideas, giving reasons why they chose or rejected them.
  • Developed a chosen idea using clear notes and diagrams to illustrate the proposed solution.
  • Produced a step-by-step plan for manufacture.
  • Listed all the tools and materials that they intended to use.
  • Manufactured their chosen design.
  • Evaluated the finished product in relation to the original design brief and specification.
  • Communicated their knowledge and enthusiasm.
If three or more of these criteria are not met, students should be asked to do additional work before their certificate is awarded. You should discuss any gaps with the students and agree on the additional work needed to bring the project up to an appropriate level. When this work is completed, the project can be reassessed. If the project is now up to standard, the certificate can be awarded. You can contact your BA CREST Regional Manager or local organiser if you need to discuss a borderline project.