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Silver Young Investigators activities
For a silver Young Investigators award, students should design and carry out a project of their own.

There is lots of advice on how to plan an investigation and what is expected of a silver project in the Young Investigators pack. 

Download a case study to get a better idea of the type of investigation work students have done in the past:

Adijat's project on building bridges
Download project (pdf 624kb)

Other projects which have been successful in the past include:

  • Testing aeroplane designs
  • Making parachutes
  • Investigating the grip of shoes
  • Measuring pollution in parks or on streets
  • Building ponds or wildlife areas
  • Making wind turbines
  • Comparing different diets
  • Investigating streamlining in cars, boats or animals
  • Testing different washing up liquids
  • Investigating seed germination
  • Comparing weather patterns
  • Recording behaviour of fish or birds