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How to run YI activities

BA Young Investigators activities are designed to be flexible, so that they can be used:
  • in lessons
  • in a science club
  • at home
  • Each basic activity takes approximately 1 hour.  Students can work individually or in small groups.

    All activities are easy to resource, with objects readily available around the home or classroom. 
    Developing investigation skills
    Bronze awards should be achievable by all young people. Each activity is presented on photocopiable activity sheets that guide students through the tasks.

    Silver and gold awards allow students to explore their own interests and begin to develop independent investigation skills.

    Project ideas, case-studies and advice on assessment, can be obtained from your BA Regional Officer or the YPP team at BA HQ.
    Applying for awards
    • Bronze awards
    To achieve a Bronze Young Investigators award, students must complete ten activities from the Young Investigators pack.

    The awards are divided into three levels, allowing students to enter at the level most appropriate for them, or to work through the levels as their scientific skills progress.

    Bronze A activities are prescriptive, Bronze B activities are more open-ended and Bronze C activities are problem solving exercises.

    When students have completed the necessary activities, fill in the award application form in the Young Investigators pack and send it to the Young People's Programme at the BA.

    • Silver awards
    To achieve a silver award students should complete one or two longer investigations, totalling around 20 hours of project work. Students can move onto the silver level after having completed the Bronze awards. However, please note that this is not a a requirement and that students can join the scheme at any level. 
    • Gold awards
    To achieve a gold award children must submit a project which has taken about 30 hours. A gold award marks significant achievement in practical science where the young person has been responsible for devising and planning the project.

    Silver and gold awards need to be assessed externally.  Find out more in the section on Assessment of YI awards.

    Young Investigators awards cost £2.50 per student.  Students receive a certificate and enamel badge.