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Small Talk

Small Talk is a collaboration that aims to explore the aspirations and concerns of the public and scientists about nanotechnologies, and share the findings with policymakers. 

Small Talk runs dialogue events on nanotechnologies with scientists and the public across the UK in order to collect their views on nanotechnologies and share these with policymakers, and to learn about co-ordinating, running and evaluating dialogue events and share findings with the science communication community.

The main aims are:

  • Facilitating dialogue with the public and scientists on nanotechnologies
  • Building a better understanding of the public's and scientists' aspirations and concerns around nanotechnologies
  • Sharing our results with policymakers and the science community
  • Providing resources and support for organisations preparing such events
  • Improving our understanding and use of good practice in engaging the public with scientific issues
  • Evaluating the impact of a co-ordinated approach and sharing our findings with the science communication community