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Celebrating CREativity in Science and Technology
BA CREST is a nationally recognized accreditation scheme for project work in the fields of science and technology. Aimed at students aged 11-19, BA CREST awards encourage students to develop their scientific curiosity, problem-solving and communication skills. 

Through a mentoring system, the scheme facilitates links between schools and industry or higher education. It enables students of all abilities to explore real scientific, engineering and technological problems for themselves and promotes work-related learning.  

BA CREST awards motivate students, build confidence and encourage them to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology.

BA CREST awards are available in two subject areas - Science or Technology - at three levels:

  • 10 hours of project work
  • Typically for ages 11-14
  • 40 hours of project work
  • Typically for students aged 14-16
  • Links with industry encouraged

  • 100 hours of project work
  • Typically for students aged 16+
  • Students linked with mentor from industry or higher education
  • Can accredit Nuffield Bursary placements and Engineering Education Scheme (EES) project work
Students who have completed BA CREST project work have the opportunity to display their work at Regional Finals. Outstanding projects are selected for the prestigious national BA CREST Science Fair