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DIY Soil
The Eden Project was built on an abandoned china clay pit. The sandy pit was more than 60 metres deep and the size of 35 football pitches. Today the ‘biomes’ at the Eden Project are home to plant life from around the world. There was no soil available for the sites, but they just made their own, using waste or recycled products.

The soil used at the Eden Project was specially made from recycled materials. Have you ever wondered what’s in soil?
You might like to …

  • compare different soils and investigate the types of plants that grow in them. You could look at the humus content, texture, pH or use a soil test kit to look at the content of nitrates, phosphates and potassium.
  • look at the number of organisms, for example earthworms, living in different types of soil
  • see how the moisture content of a soil affects how well a plant will grow in it
  • make your own soil, designed for growing a particular plant, and see how well the plant grows.
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