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Perfumes and aftershave
Possibly the most expensive perfume in the world went on sale for £47,500 a bottle. The bottle is made from white gold and is finished with a diamond wreath. It is housed within a wooden case, opened by a gem-encrusted key. The perfume was developed by leading perfumer, Arthur Burnham. Most people would have to sell their grandmother to buy a bottle, but they’d smell nice. Or would they?

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for the smell of perfume to dissipate throughout a room? How long does the smell last?
You might like to …
  • Set up an experiment to see how long it takes for a room full of people to smell somebody’s perfume (or aftershave). You could compare different brands. Think about ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’ results – see if there is a more ‘scientific’ method of measuring the perfume’s smell. Decide whether or not the temperature of the room makes a difference
  • Compare different fragrances to see how long they last
  • Investigate why the smell of perfumes and aftershaves changes over time
  • Investigate the difference between body sprays and anti-perspirant deodorants, and find out if their effectiveness can be tested.
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