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Rules for Self-Nominated Entries to the BA CREST Science Fair
1. Entries will be considered from students who are between the ages of 15 and 20 (under 21 on 1 May for ISEF) at the time of the competition. Dates of birth:  BETWEEN 1/1/ and 31/12/

2. Projects may have been worked on by individuals or by groups of not more than three people.

3. Projects in all fields of science, engineering and technology will be considered.

4. Applicants must be British citizens and/or pupils receiving their education within British schools. 

5. The work must have been carried out while the students were in the pre-university phase of education, although students may be in Higher Education at the time of the competition.

6. Applications, on the official entry form, must contain a 350 word abstract outlining the significant features of what has been achieved. 

7. A qualified science or technology teacher must act as referee for the project.  The teacher should have been involved with the project from its inception. S/he should be able to confirm that it complies with health and safety regulations in force in British schools.

8. On the basis of the abstract, the Scientific Review Board of the BA CREST Science Fair will select projects to exhibit at the Fair.  In some cases, a member of the British Association may visit the school to advise on the suitability of projects for exhibition.

9. Judging at the Fair is on the basis of a project display and interviews with the project team.

10. In assessing the projects for international competition, the judges will take into account the rules of the international fairs to ensure that the British representatives chosen comply with any restrictions on age, subject area, use of human or animal subjects and exhibition stand contents and dimensions.

11. The judges will ask any individual or project team to represent the UK at only one international fair to which the BA CREST Science Fair is affiliated.

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