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Example Science Communicators activities
Write a short story, a newspaper article or draw a cartoon with a scientific theme and you will earn text-based credits towards a Science Communicators award.

Live presentation
Take part in a science quiz, make a radio programme or organise a debate on a scientific issue and you will earn live presentation credits towards a Science Communicators award.

Design and build a scientific model, organise a science fair or help out younger students in a science club and you will earn practical credits towards a Science Communicators award.

Activities that span all three categories
Remember that lots of activities contain elements of all three communication categories.  For example, developing an environmental area in your school is a practical activity, but if you give guided tours and produce written information leaflets for visitors you will incorporate live presentation and text-based communication tasks into your project work. 

Other similar activities are:

  • Organising and taking part in a Science Fair
  • Organising an event for National Science Week
  • Writing and performing a short play on a scientific theme
  • Organising an Egg Race competition in your school