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How to run Science Communicators activities
BA Science Communicators is aimed at students with a general interest in scientific issues as well as those intending to study science at a higher level.

Science Communicators is a flexible scheme, which can be used:

  • in science or technology lessons
  • in a science club
  • in english or drama classes
  • in a debating society or drama club
  • in general studies, citizenship or PSHE
  • in out-of-school youth groups and clubs
Science Communicators can be used to support a range of learning styles and enrich topics within the science or technology curricula. Many of the activities are also suitable for use in english or drama lessons, and as extra-curricular activities for science, drama or debating clubs.

Science Communicators provides a particularly useful framework for general studies, citizenship or PSHE.

Age range
Students can enter the scheme at any level, depending on their age and ability. In general, bronze awards are suitable for ages 11+, silver awards for 13+ and gold awards for ages 14+  

Developing communication skills
Science Communicators awards are intended to help young people develop text-based, live presentation and practical science communication skills. They can work individually or in small groups but should take responsibility for planning their time and activities.

Project work can consist of several short activities or one longer activity that spans the three communication categories.

Applying for awards
Students must complete 10 hours of project work for a bronze award, 20 hours for a silver award and 30 hours for a gold award.  Other requirements are listed under Assessment of SC awards.

For bronze awards, when you are happy that students have completed the necessary work, send us the award application form in the Science Communicators pack, together with the completed passports for each student, and we will send your awards.

For silver and gold awards, you need to discuss assessment and accreditation with your BA Regional Officer.

Science Communicators awards cost £2.50 per student. 

Students receive a certificate which can be included in their achievement portfolio and provides useful evidence of attainment for Key (Core) Skills.