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Strategy Recommendations (pdf 150KB)

Conference report (pdf 296KB)

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Day 1
Monday 24 May
Realising science in society visions

Keynote address: Lord Whitty of Camberwell, Minister for Farming, Food and Sustainable Energy, Defra

Science in Society: its key role in maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of international science and technology (pdf 18KB)

Session 1a: transforming culture within academia and research institutions

Professor Glynis Breakwell (ppt 341KB), Vice Chancellor, University of Bath
Universities can do more to improve communication about science (pdf 20KB)

Professor John Lawton, Chief Executive, Natural Environment Research Council
Communication culture in the Research Councils

Session 1b: transforming culture within industry

Sir John Egan, President, Confederation of British Industry
Responsible wealth creation (pdf 15KB)

John Randle (ppt 222KB), Director of Corporate Services, BASF
Communication and engagement in a science based industry (pdf 18KB)

Session 2: parallel workshops

Workshop 1 - An NGO perspective (pdf 9KB)

Charlie Kronick, Chief Policy Advisor, Greenpeace

Workshop 2 - Industry Engagement with Stakeholders (pdf 10KB)

John Turner (ppt 85KB), Corporate Responsibility Manager, BNFL 

Workshop 3 - Academia and research institutions (pdf 11KB)

Zoe Dunford, Media Manager, Institute of Food research
Professor Harold Thimbleby, Director UCLIC, UCL

Workshop 4 - Influencing government

Dr Gail Cardew, Head of Programmes, The Royal Institution
Dr Melanie Quin, Executive Director, ESCITE-UK
Dr Kathy Sykes, Director, Cheltenham Science Festival
Dr Fiona Barbagallo, Science in Society Manager, the BA

Workshop 5 - Working with the media (pdf 10KB)

Bob Ward, senior manager for press and public relations, The Royal Society
Rachael Buchanan, science producer BBC news

Day 2
Tuesday 25 May
Learning Lessons – from experience

Session 3: OST Science in Society Programme
Dr Tony Whitehead (ppt 424KB), Director of Science and Society, OST
Vision for Science and Society (pdf 15KB)

Dr Sarah Macnaughton (ppt 185KB), Manager of Public Engagement with Science and Technology Programme for OST
Public engagement with science and technology (pdf 12KB)

Session 4: political realities

Professor Judith Petts (ppt 314KB), University of Birmingham
Making deliberation count in decision-making: lessons from the GM debate (pdf 17KB)

Professor Brian Wynne (ppt 225KB), Lancaster University
Public dialogues with science: some complications from the case of nanotechnology (pdf 16KB)

Professor Jacquie Burgess UCL
Developing advice for CoRWM (pdf 16KB)

Session 5:  real life tales  

Elizabeth Rivers, Independent Facilitator
Bikers vs. Grannies: conflict on the streets of Stratford upon Avon (pdf 15KB)

Richard Wilson (ppt 267KB), The Environment Council
Contenscious Science in the Community (pdf 17KB)

Ela Pathak-Sen (ppt 4079K), Project Manager, NICE Citizens Council
The voice of the citizen (pdf 23KB)

Closing Session
Identifying key strategic issues that have emerged during the conference and agreeing mechanisms to take them forward.