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Frequently Asked Questions
I am currently part way through my PhD, am I eligible?
You are able to apply for the scheme during you PhD as long as you have a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience (either working or studying) and permission from your funders to take the time out of your research.  We do not recommend you apply for the scheme during the final year of your PhD.

I am about to finish my PhD/looking for a career change, and want to work in science communication.  Can I participate in the scheme to get work experience?
The Media Fellowships are intended to raise awareness of the media amongst scientists; they are not intended as a springboard into science communication or journalism.  We expect the fellows to return to their career and share their experiences with other scientists.  Those who are considering a career change should see for details of courses in science communication and journalism.

I am in the UK on a work visa so am currently resident in the UK but not a UK citizen, am I eligible?
You are eligible for the scheme if you are a UK citizen living in the UK.  However, those with an international passport in full time employment in the UK with a minimum of two years remaining on their contract are able to apply. 
To discuss international eligibility further please contact .

I am unable to take time off work for an 8 week placement but could do 3 weeks, is this possible?
Placement lengths are reasonably flexible.  Print placements are normally between 3 and 4 weeks, broadcast placements normally last 6-8 weeks due to the time it takes you to train to use the equipment.  Placement timing and lengths are arranged for times that are convenient for both the host and the fellow.  If you are only able to do a shorter placement please note this on your form in the section describing why you want to take part in the scheme.

I am unable to relocate, can you offer me a local placement?
Unfortunately most of the science journalists are based in London so placements tend to be offered there.  We are working to get more placements regionally and hope to offer more in future years.

I am only interested in a TV placement, can I specify this on my form?
We do not recommend that you specify particular placements on your application form.  There are a limited number of placements with each media, specifying only one area limits the opportunities available to you.

My friend works at the BBC and has offered me a placement; can I apply for the money?
The scheme only offers placements that have been organised by the BA.  Funds towards personal placements are not available.

I work part time, can I apply?
Those in part time employment are eligible for the scheme however placements will be offered on a full time basis.

I am freelance, can I apply?
Freelancers or those who are self employed are eligible for the scheme, however the BA take no responsibility for salary lost during the placement.

When is the deadline for applications?
The deadline for application is the same each year: 30th April.

I am not eligible for the scheme this year; will the scheme be running again in the future?
The scheme runs every year with applications opening in February.  If you would like to be kept informed of next year’s scheme please e-mail with MEDIA FELLOWS in the subject.